Stream Emotes

Here are the Emotes for the stream that you can use simply by writing in the chat.

If you found this page randomly, the stream in question is this one : Red Aether's Stream

Keep in mind that those Emotes have a cooldown per person, meaning you cannot spam them by yourself in order to keep the stream in a not chaotic state.

!emote GG
!emote alrighty
!emote askin
!emote assholes
!emote ayyy
!emote beautiful
!emote boomstick
!emote burn
!emote choice
!emote chopper
!emote chosenone
!emote conversion
!emote fail
!emote failmeagain
!emote failwalker
!emote forceworks
!emote freemoney
!emote fuckedup
!emote gay
!emote gum
!emote hackplanet
!emote hellothere
!emote heyhey
!emote humiliation
!emote internet
!emote jokes
!emote looklikeabitch
!emote nein
!emote no
!emote poppins
!emote power
!emote roadwarrior
!emote runaway
!emote serious
!emote thelaw
!emote trap
!emote vaderno
!emote wannaplay
!emote wassuu
!emote what
!emote witchcraft
!emote woah
!emote youcandoitallnight
!emote yournuts